Reviews. Your Untapped Growth Driver

Use AI-powered, user-generated content to boost social proof and scale your online sales-led business.

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Collect reviews effortlessly

Automate the collection of product reviews using our artificially intelligent and programmatic follow-up SMS/Email technology. Engage the customer in multiple channels to make leaving a review frictionless.

Save time with automation

Stellar reviews are converted into branded video ads that are effective throughout your customers journey.

Learn and grow

Analytics reports show you which products work and which don’t. Intelligently scan through reviews and performance to optimize your store.

Introducing Linear A

Our proprietary solution automates the creation and advertisement of rich user-generated video content using positive reviews left by your happy customers which are effortlessly retrieved via automated email/SMS sequences and direct integrations with Shopify, Yelp, Google, and many other platforms. Save countless hours trying to create winning ads and instead, harness the predictability and effectiveness of your reviews.

Tap into your hidden equity with Linear A.
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