The Simplest Marketing
Video Creator.

Branded videos designed to help you communicate with your current and potential customers.

Branded To Your Business

Your videos are branded with your colors and logo so that every video you make is uniquely yours.

Easy To Make

No WYSIWYG video creation tools that take design skills to use. Order videos as easily as filling out a brief form.

Unlimited Videos

Always show off new products, communicate with all your new customers, or even A/B test, all to your heart's content.

Marketing Ad

Advertise your business and inform your audience about what you do with this effective, flashy video.

Linear A Logo
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Linear A Logo
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Product Showcase

Advertise new products and announce sales, complete with promo code.

Greeting Card

Surprise customers who buy your products by sending a personal message in a video. 

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Linear A Logo
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Instructional Videos

Teach customers how to use your products in an engaging step by step video tutorial.


Grant W

“I always hated WYSIWYG solutions because I don’t have a creative bone in my bondy, but Linear A’s solution is EXACTLY what I needed; Easy to use, effective, and affordable.

Hilary K

“I love the automatic personalization of videos! The Greeting Card videos have helped so many customers warm up to me, it really gives me that local business feel. Thanks Linear A!

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